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This morning. Water like glass.

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@Luke5SOS 5sos are trash !

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but why did a pillow fall from the ceiling

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Sometimes I continuously ponder about my life and how I am rapidly changing, yet my surroundings aren’t. Should there be a balance? I am beginning to think so. Sometimes I wish life had an “ADD”  ”DELETE” and “FAVORITES” button for people who you want/ don’t want in your life.. those who I add are still in my life, but it doesn’t mean that we are close of the closest.. this is where random people would come in. Delete is self-explanatory, and favorites are my family and those precious to me.

Its not as easy as I make it sound to be… I have a hard time forgetting people and pushing them out of my life. I suffer, I break, I go through desperate measures and I didn’t find out until my recent years. Why keep the pain and awkwardness around knowing that it will honestly never get better? At least for my case (sorry about my pessimistic views). People change every year, whether it is a small change or a drastic change. I’ve changed so much I honestly feel awkward around my past surroundings.. I believe it is best to adapt and change your surroundings as you mature and grow as an individual. 

The many faces of Luke Robert Hemmings.

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