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Welcome to my world of secrets.
Shelley Eang
La La La La La I like you!

It’s… a library. 


Especially during midterms week… uhhhh. Yo. 

Dawg. You a freshman???? 

Planners, Agendas… seeing my schedule in front of me relieves my stress.

Monday: Study up for Midterm and other classes & finish CSE hw, and ECON hw. 

Tuesday: CSE & ECON hw due today!! Study for midterm and other classes. CSE lab today. 

(Office hours — try to understand the equations and how to compute them)

Wednesday: Quiz in CLAS. Study for midterm and other classes. Finish CSE section hw.

(Office hours — try to understand how to compute new values) 

Thursday: Section hw due today. ECON midterm today. Study for midterm before actual midterm.

Friday: CLAS Test. Work on CSE #5. Work on ECON hw #5. Remember CLAS chapters.

I am seriously about to devote all my time on ECON. 

I will work my butt off… My sweat and tears will result in a grade ABOVE average. I will not be 4 points below average, no that is not good. I will stand proud and tall and get a good grade.

Oh who am I kidding I don’t even know what the heck I am learning right now. I hate econ. Hated it from day 1. Hate it now. Will hate it forever.

I feel screwed.


The one thing I haven’t gotten used to yet about living with my boyfriend…. is pooping. 

I mean I’m comfortable pooping or farting or in a way being human… I am just worried that I might flood the toilet and his family will be disgusted and they’ll hate me forever… 

Its a reasonable chance that it could get flooded butttt you know, who can take the risk?! D: 

Right now… I am studying for my test tomorrow and midterm next week and Hunn is working out at his cousins… and I’m in the room alone. Jenn and auntie is outside playing with lucky.. and if I go upstairs to poop… and theres a chance i flood the toilet.. I AM DOOMED. 

My current life stresses. urgh. 

Its protruding!!!!


30 seconds after I posted this, I texted my sister that I am going to go poop because i CANT hold it anymore. (I’ve been texting her that I was going to wait until they sleep and thats probably at 10… and right now its like 840) 

Then… I actually went. It felt good. It didn’t flood. My life stresses are over… for now. Hehe. :) 

Until next time. o.e

I get really excited when people want me to show them around UW or if we go out for lunch or something. I guess I actually really do want that #collegelife . I know my limits though! 

*sigh* … I’m no way near #collegelife . I don’t even know anyone here!!!! 

I feel stuck… and that I can’t even move forward in my lectures or progress… I feel too dependent on people… and thats how I get by with most of my classes… 

I’m not worthy… Im not independent… I am unreliable. 

Stupid. Unworthy. GARBAGE.


I always see her around campus and she’s only a year older than me… 

Im sure hunn would like her as a friend too cause she is taking/took math 308 (I think thats AMath??) and Physics 121… She’s also trying for CSE major soooo, similar to hunn. Seems like a potential friend who is serious and intellectual! 

Be my friend *^* 

DISCLAIMER: Being friends will not however boost my grades because of favoritism… however I would still accept a boost. :D 


The struggles in my life… I swear could be avoided…

I just choose to accept all of it… and endure all of it… 

And look at me… I am still a wimp. 

Yes. A stunningly beautiful  wimp. 


The potatoes have escaped

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everything personal


everything personal

I am stressed out for school… I am now BEHIND on everything…

I just so happened to caught a fever.. =___= or flu… or whatever it is. 

And plans tomorrow are being thrown off because of stupid reasons.

Its raining, its pouring, and my old man is in IDAHO. 

I came down to my house for the weekend hoping to be with everyone but everyone is out, everyone is doing there own thing, i swear everyone got problems right now… and seriously…

"I got 99problems and you aint be one" =____=