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So during the last weekend… I switched my schedule again.. lol soooo like me. Heres an update on my FINAL schedule: CLAS 205, CSE 142, CSE 190, and ECON 200. I switched my previous econ to a diff instructor, and I added CSE 190! :D I hope this quarter do me justice.

Anyways… second week of UW.. I got to say, I adjusted pretty fast I think. Im not as tired as I thought Id be (although i am starting to feel it kick in slowly).. The days are also going by really fast.. I remember yesterday, I looked outside and I was like “oh. its 6:30PM now…?” 

Anyways… this week is becoming a little bit stressful already.. Two homework’s and a test coming up soon… 

Btw, the pace here is a lot faster than I thought.. you should be prepared to go to class and have read the reading for that day before class, then learn it right away (if not, you sir are behind) and also… you are most likely to cover at least 2-3 chapter in a week.. High school took their sweet time covering 1 chapter.. what you learn in a year in high school is equivalent to what you learn in 1 quarter at a community college. And maybe my calculations are off, but its only the second week of school, and I’m expected to learn 4 chapters for one subject already… thats 4x the pace than HCC.. 

My brain is somehow slowly comprehending.. Thank you for being with me, encephala. 





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Graphing is where I draw the line.

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everything personal

What makes me interesting? 

What makes me fun to be around with?

What makes people want to stay around me?

Lol I have a hard time answering these questions.. Maybe because I should really be answering the question, “What makes people NOT want to be with me or hang around me?” 

Cuz. I. Am. Me.

I am not asking for anyone to understand me completely, or for anyone perfect out there to see through me. But I am overwhelmingly surprised by how many people are so BLIND and so passive. Are they really blind enough that they can’t see what pisses me off and what doesn’t? Are they really blind that they can’t see when I put an act over what hurts me? Are they REALLY blind that they can’t see that I’ve been constantly hurt OVER AND OVER again by their stupid actions?! It may be a small reason to get hurt by, it may be something so ridiculous thats why my pain hasn’t occurred to them.. but to me it hurts a lot and I’ve been constantly putting up with all of the nonsense. I told myself to be positive and be happy, forgive and forget, live pass all the negativity and create my own memories. But in the majority of my memories that I’ve created.. there was a crack in my smile. No one noticed, no one felt that extra *thump* in my aching heart. And as corny as that sound, it really did hurt my heart and my chest.. it really did hurt to smile. 

Im not saying my memories were bad, although I do wish that I could’ve experienced them with 101% happiness. 

I will keep this prior to myself only.. because it was apparently so ridiculous that all of my problems were ignored.. however, may the chance happen again..then I will make sure I create my own memories. I will avoid this mess, maybe one day I’ll learn to be rude and say it straight up and forward that I don’t like the BS thats going on.. but for now Ill remain as I am. 

Everything got on my nerves, I didn’t eat or drink anything at all, I feel like crap, every single plan for the day changed and I HATE when it changes last minute. Things did not go my way today… 

I hate it when people interrupt me.. I hate it when I say to do something but the other person stubbornly doesn’t do it or even just continues without a care in the world. I hate it when they also apologize after saying they didn’t know if it pissed me off or not… well hey, let me do something that makes you sh*t bricks and I’ll apologize soooo sincerely. So many things like that happened to me today. 

And the most aggravating thing of was that everything that made me mad, was sugarcoated by that person. Did they seriously not see what they did? Or did they think, “lolol no biggie, ayyyyy~~” =___= not cool man. 

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everything personal

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